FW’14 Joyrich 101 Dalmatians

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Fall /Winter 14 Joyrich 101 Dalmatians COLLECTION RELEASE

Los Angeles–  JOYRICH announces their Fall / Winter ‘14 collection with Disney’s 101 Dalmatians.

With their signature white fur and black spots this classic Disney tale has been rebooted in JOYRICH’S latest collection: 101 Dalmatians.

This collection takes on the luxurious aesthetic of JOYRICH, fashioning fresh, simple looks for today’s audience that stay true to the look and feel of the iconic Disney story. Silhouettes consisting of sweatshirts, high waisted skirts, sweat pants, and knit sweaters against plaid prints makes up this collection that is simplistically fun.


FW’14 Joyrich x Melody Ehsani Capsule Collection

November 15, 2014 at 1:00 am, Comments Off

Joyrich presents their first jewelry collaboration with Los Angeles based Jewelry designer Melody Ehsani. Embellished earrings for women, and championship rings for men,this exclusive collection embodies the chic rich esthetic with a timeless touch. Available exclusively to Joyrich flagship locations, Joyrich Online Store and Melody Ehsani Flagship store.





FW’14 Joyrich x Malcolm Stuart Collection

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Commencing their second collaboration, The FW’14 JOYRICH x Malcolm Stuart collaboration features the unique designs created by Malcolm Stuart himself. In addition to Malcolm’s unique style, he is trained in the classic street style of airbrush and can make work that has any combination of elements and colors. The collaboration takes on the luxurious aesthetic of the streets. Crew necks, varsity jackets, crop tops & pencil skirts make up the silhouettes for this sleek and chic collection. m1










Joyrich x Playboy Collaboration Launch

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Blondes, Bunnies & Beauties . Oh My ! Friday. September 12,2014 kicked off our highly anticipated Joyrich x Playboy collaboration launch. The tone was set as the beautiful Playmate models Audrey Allen, Kennedy Summers, Carly Lauren & Dani Mathers walked in and greeted the party goers at Joyrich Los Angeles. With a playful open bar provided 20 Grand Vodka along with DJ sets by the gorgeous Eve Speciall & Mike G of Odd Future, the fun high level energy was felt through out the event from start to finish. Just when things couldn’t get any better, the one and only, 2014 Playmate of the year Stephanie Burton graced everyone with her presence at launch as well. The Joyrich x Playboy was definitely one for the books, down to the rich-filled custom Joyrich x Playboy tote gift bags , to the marvelous Playmates, This collection left everyone in amazement and eager for more. Head over to the Joyrich Store to check out more from this exclusive collaboration.

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Fall / Winter ’14 JOYRICH x PLAYBOY Collaborative Collection

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JOYRICH has announced its first collaboration with iconic lifestyle brand, Playboy.

The collection captures the brash, unapologetic attitude of Joyrich, while captivating consumers with the charm and allure that Playboy is known for.

Set in black, white and a soft, playful pink, the collection – which features the iconic Playboy Rabbit Head – is both classic and refined with a confident edge.  Lavish shirts, scarves and dresses garnished with a gilded bunny complete the collection, which will be released September 13th online at www.JOYRICHSTORE.com, as well as US and Japan JOYRICH stores.

The Playboy brand first launched as a men’s magazine in 1953 by legendary founder Hugh Hefner.  Sixty years later, Playboy is among the most recognized brands in the world, and is a multi-platform purveyor of a design-driven and discernible lifestyle across travel, clothes, food, cars, girls and beyond.


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Richie Rich Launch Party

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In celebration of our newest collaboration with the iconic 80’s cartoon, Richie Rich, the heavily photographed LA store covered in rosebushes became host to a fun filled launch party last weekend.

Inside, stylish shoppers got a first look at the bold capsule collection, which includes an assortment of tanks, hoodies and shorts while enjoying refreshments by The Grilled Cheese Truck.

Guests, including rapper, K. Roosevelt, Anwar Carrots of Peas and Carrots, Simone Battle of GRL and the Dreamworks team were greeted with gift bags while DJ Goofy kept the party going till closing time.

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FW’14 Richie Rich / Joyrich Collaboration

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With his ruby red bowtie and giant sack of money, the world’s richest kid has been rebooted in JOYRICH’S latest collaboration for FW14


Dubbed “The Poor Little Rich Boy”, the young billionaire put stars in our eyes, as his whimsical adventures caused us to fantasize what we’d do with a life of opulence and endless fortune.


The collaboration takes on the laidback, luxurious aesthetic of JOYRICH, fashioning fresh, loud looks for today’s audience that stay true to the look and feel of the iconic American cartoon.   Sweatshirts, shorts, varsity jackets and knit sweaters in rich fabrics and bold prints make up a collection that is colorful and modern with a vintage feel.

The iconic comic book character Richie Rich is a beloved member of the DreamWorks Classics portfolio.

(C) Classic Media, LLC

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Joyrich x BABY-G “Electric Leopard”

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In a departure from their first collaboration with the renowned timepiece creators, JOYRICH is thrilled to present a stronger more sophisticated look for men and women.   Futuristic, functional and stylish, the watch maintains JOYRICH’s retro, carefree aesthetic.


The shock-resistant watch features metallic- silver, resin straps with cool, white cheetah prints slicked down the sides for a wild finish.  The timepiece’s round face boasts milky-white accents and a neon blue, electro-luminescent display with stopwatch, countdown timer, and alarm capabilities.



Joyrich Fall / Winter ’14 Collection

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Take a trip to Beverly Hills for the JOYRICH FW14 collection!  Luxury and California nostalgia influence this season with Classic American Culture-inspired prints and simplistic high-end designs.

Inspired by 80’s and 90’s California style, the JOYRICH FW14 collection mixes eye-popping graphics with various fabrications.  From pinup beach girls to retro convertibles, this collection blends Beverly Hills iconography with preppy sportswear silhouettes to create a fun, kitschy look that reads both high fashion and luxury street wear.

The JOYRICH FW14 collection continues to present the “casual-rich” aesthetic of the brand, highlighting the opulence of Los Angeles with its own interpretation of high-end California sportswear.

Enjoy your stay in the luxurious Joyrich Hills!





‘CoCa-Cola’ by Joyrich Collaboration Launch Party

May 29, 2014 at 11:28 pm, Comments Off

Palm trees shook outside Siren Studios May 17th, as the bass dropped inside during Joyrich’s Coca-Cola collaboration launch event.  Singer, Tinashe, dressed in all Coca-Cola x Joyrich garb, sent the crowd wild as she awed everyone with her hit single “2 On”.

This exciting first look gave fashion-conscious attendees the chance to see and touch the entire line of sports wear-inspired mesh jerseys, basketball shorts and dresses as they sampled an array of crisp beverages and sweet deserts, provided by the one, Coca-Cola.

The always beautiful Becky G and girls of GRL could be seen dancing with the rest of the crowd on the floor, up on the wall and in their seats, thanks to sets by DJ Goofy, and from LA radio’s Power 106, Inferno and Mando Fresco.

Coca-Cola has the taste thirst goes for and we hope this new line will be just what trendsetters around the world need.
















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