Ashley Moore by JOYRICH Capsule Collection Release

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JOYRICH Photo Series Vol. 1

Ashley Moore by JOYRICH Capsule Collection Release


Los Angeles– JOYRICH announces their capsule collection with Ashley Moore.


Born in Oceanside, California on July 15th 1993, Ashley Moore grew up with the goals of being a successful basketball player. With her striking features and unique look, she caught the eye of various talent agencies and fashion consultants that persuaded her and gave her the proper guidelines to pursue her modeling career.

Ashley has been signed with Nous modeling agency for two years and has accomplished more than she could have ever imagined. Embarking on her new journey, Ashley as been featured in various JOYRICH campaigns, from the collaborating collections with Keith Haring to Coca-Cola Ashley as made her mark in the JOYRICH world. Those campaigns are just the start to Ashley’s exceeding list of accomplishments, including features in GQ, Seventeen Magazine, Teen Vogue Magazine and People’s magazine. Having close ties with Justin Bieber, Lil Twist and Drake and other high profile models, has turned Ashley into Hollywood’s new “it girl”.


This capsule collection takes on a vintage editorial feel circa 1990’s with the classic JOYRICH touch. Black and white portraits make up the foundation of the Ashley Moore by JOYRICH collection. With her strong and contagious look this collection will leave you wanting more.


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The Cat Is Out Of The Bag . . . . .

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JOYRICH Los Angeles  launches SS’15 Felix the Cat Collaborating Collection at JOYRICH Los ANGELES .

Check out more of the Felix the Cat collection here and all JOYRICH flagshiop locations.


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SS’15 Felix the Cat x JOYRICH

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SS’15 JOYRICH / Felix the Cat Collection Release

JOYRICH is letting the cat out of the bag with the launch of its SS’ 15 collection featuring cartoon superstar Felix the Cat.

With his sleek black body, jolly white eyes, and contagious smile, everyone’s favorite feline has been rebooted in JOYRICH’S latest collaboration. With his charismatic personality paired with his mischievous antics Felix the Cat takes you on a wild and witty adventure that leaves you wanting more.

The designs infuse Felix the Cat with a classic motor-cross aesthetic, featuring reversible jackets, crew necks, t-shirts, sweats, shorts, skirts, accessorized with 5 panel hats, draw string backpacks and clutches.

Felix the Cat x JOYRICH is available at all JOYRICH Flagship locations and , March 12, 2015 .




Spring / Summer ’15 JOYRICH x GIZA

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We’re proud to present our Spring / Summer ‘15 Joyrich x GIZA collaboration. Founded by DJ & fashion icon Mademoiselle Yulia, the Giza brand infuses the hieroglyphics and pyramids of ancient Egyptian culture with a funky pop twist.


Commencing our fourth collaboration with GIZA, this collection takes on the classic sport of Tennis. Tennis balls, tennis rackets, trophies, and tennis shoes lay out the patterns on the collections silhouettes. Collard crop tops, Tennis style dresses, Sweat pants,  jackets, sun visors, tanks, hoodies, and wind breakers make up this sporty inspired collection. The JOYRICH x GIZA collection can be found at all JOYRICH Flagship locations and

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JOYRICH announces their collaboration with FILA

FILA, internationally recognized as one of the most iconic sportswear brands, recently linked with JOYRICH for their latest collaboration: the JOYRICH x FILA collection. The footwear takes on a bold look with a black and white solid foundation and hits of red throughout.  Staying true to their sporting tradition, the apparel includes tracksuits, tees, hoodies, wind-breakers, bucket-hats and of course, the classic F-13 sneaker model.  Both sets of product are highlighted by a light zebra pattern strategically placed.  When combined with the street esthetic that JOYRICH is known for, this collection is a great combination of fashion, style, and comfort.

The collection is anchored by the F-13, featuring soft premium leather on the upper and bolstered by a zebra print pony hair flag. Additional branding includes an embroidered logo on the tongue, molded collaboration label on the strap and a gold plated hang tag. Custom packaging with duel logos on the box and tissue paper make this a great pickup for sneaker collectors.

The JOYRICH x FILA Collection is available at all JOYRICH Flagship locations worldwide and .

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Joyrich Spring Summer 2015

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Spring / Summer 2015, JOYRICH toward to a new stage.

Contemporary street brand continues to advocate, and axis the keyword Retro-futurism,Expanding the collection to Joyrich’s  next chapter. Fresh vivid view of the world and sports season that was focused on a software like paradise. Cosmic graphics reminiscent of the future that was drawn in the 1980s, Optimistic motifs, and fresh pastel colors,It drops into a unique detail.As well as narrating the evolution of the brand, to announce the collection of as it prologues towards the next generation.


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FW’14 Joyrich 101 Dalmatians

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Fall /Winter 14 Joyrich 101 Dalmatians COLLECTION RELEASE

Los Angeles–  JOYRICH announces their Fall / Winter ‘14 collection with Disney’s 101 Dalmatians.

With their signature white fur and black spots this classic Disney tale has been rebooted in JOYRICH’S latest collection: 101 Dalmatians.

This collection takes on the luxurious aesthetic of JOYRICH, fashioning fresh, simple looks for today’s audience that stay true to the look and feel of the iconic Disney story. Silhouettes consisting of sweatshirts, high waisted skirts, sweat pants, and knit sweaters against plaid prints makes up this collection that is simplistically fun.


FW’14 Joyrich x Melody Ehsani Capsule Collection

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Joyrich presents their first jewelry collaboration with Los Angeles based Jewelry designer Melody Ehsani. Embellished earrings for women, and championship rings for men,this exclusive collection embodies the chic rich esthetic with a timeless touch. Available exclusively to Joyrich flagship locations, Joyrich Online Store and Melody Ehsani Flagship store.





FW’14 Joyrich x Malcolm Stuart Collection

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Commencing their second collaboration, The FW’14 JOYRICH x Malcolm Stuart collaboration features the unique designs created by Malcolm Stuart himself. In addition to Malcolm’s unique style, he is trained in the classic street style of airbrush and can make work that has any combination of elements and colors. The collaboration takes on the luxurious aesthetic of the streets. Crew necks, varsity jackets, crop tops & pencil skirts make up the silhouettes for this sleek and chic collection. m1










Joyrich x Playboy Collaboration Launch

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Blondes, Bunnies & Beauties . Oh My ! Friday. September 12,2014 kicked off our highly anticipated Joyrich x Playboy collaboration launch. The tone was set as the beautiful Playmate models Audrey Allen, Kennedy Summers, Carly Lauren & Dani Mathers walked in and greeted the party goers at Joyrich Los Angeles. With a playful open bar provided 20 Grand Vodka along with DJ sets by the gorgeous Eve Speciall & Mike G of Odd Future, the fun high level energy was felt through out the event from start to finish. Just when things couldn’t get any better, the one and only, 2014 Playmate of the year Stephanie Burton graced everyone with her presence at launch as well. The Joyrich x Playboy was definitely one for the books, down to the rich-filled custom Joyrich x Playboy tote gift bags , to the marvelous Playmates, This collection left everyone in amazement and eager for more. Head over to the Joyrich Store to check out more from this exclusive collaboration.

1I9A4797-XL                                                               1I9A4786-XL1I9A4925-XL 1I9A4976-XL1I9A5041-L-11I9A5073-XL 1I9A5115-LIMG_08961I9A5122-XL 1I9A5141-L IMG_09371I9A5182-L 1I9A5259-XL 1I9A5314-XL 1I9A5320-XL 1I9A5378-L 1I9A5401-L 1I9A5414-L 1I9A5421-XL 1I9A5458-L IMG_0896IMG_4682-XL IMG_4707-L IMG_4728-L IMG_4755-XL IMG_4769-XL IMG_4774-L IMG_4802-XL IMG_4819-L IMG_4867-XL IMG_4882-XL IMG_4908-XL IMG_4960-XL IMG_5030-L IMG_5062-XL IMG_5086-XL IMG_5128-L IMG_5181-L IMG_5235-XL IMG_5266-XL IMG_5280-XL IMG_5290-XL JOY RICH X PLAYBOY002 F-XL JOY RICH X PLAYBOY005-XL JOY RICH X PLAYBOY007-XL JOY RICH X PLAYBOY013-XL