Joyrich Disney SS14 Collection

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Joyrich presents it’s SS14 collaboration with Disney, featuring vivid colorful graphics, trendy silhouettes, and a playful 90′s inspired approach towards an iconic classic character generations have grown to love.

















Joyrich / Giza SS’14 Collection Party

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This past Friday (Feb 28) at The Think Tank Gallery, we celebrated our launch of our Spring/Summer 2014 Joyrich/Giza collaboration. Founded by DJ & fashion icon Mademoiselle Yulia, the GIZAlabel is known for its Egyptian influence and blinged-out finishes within each collection.  This is our fourth collaboration with GIZA and we were all so excited to celebrate it’s launch. We enjoyed tunes brought to us by DJ BC Kingdom and DJ Josh Peace , with Mademoiselle Yulia ending the night with a BANG. Thank you to everyone that came out with their good vibes despite the stormy weather, Rain or shine you showed us the meaning of the phrase “Turn Down For What ?”

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Heart of A Champion . . . . .

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Inspired by French street fashion, Our SS’14 Paris Championship Ring crew neck  features the original & bold print of the classic reward of almost every American sport, a Championship ring. Just like the ring, this collection has become apart of Joyrich memorabilia for years to come. Incorporating elements of street fashion with high-end embellishments this piece will give you the opportunity to shine like a champ. Shop this look and more today .


As Bad as You Want to Be . . . .

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Bad girls really do it better , and we are loving Miss. Natasha Lillipore in our BAD A$$ Simpsons collaboration. Natasha is big on accents and accessories, dressed up with a cute mini skirt, heel and big embellished jewlry, this crew neck is fun for all occasions. You can shop Natasha’s look and more here today. You do not want to miss out on this limited collection.



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We’re proud to present our Spring/Summer ‘14 Joyrich x GIZA collaboration!  Founded by DJ & fashion icon Mademoiselle Yulia, the GIZAlabel is known for its Egyptian influence and blinged-out finishes within each collection.  This is our fourth collaboration with GIZA, and for this collection we introduce clean, athletic-inspired pieces that incorporate elements from the brand’s ancient Egyptian-influenced aesthetic.  


This season, we focus on gold embellishments and hieroglyphic pop art that mimic the opulence of Egyptian royalty.  Gold embroidery, necklaces, and hieroglyph graphics in white, black, and turquoise hues blend together to create a collection that highlights the signature looks of both brands. 


The SS14 Joyrich x GIZA collection is crisp with gold accents that make for great statement pieces.  The collection will be released this Friday, February 14th, 2014, at as well as any Joyrich retailer near you.

Check out the collection campaign video below!













A Game Changer . . . . .

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Move over boys, Ladies can take one for the team too in our SS’14 “Joy Team Logo Athletic” Jersey. Paired with a cute heel or even some thigh high socks this bold jersey silhouette can easily turn into a mini dress. This jersey can be partnered with so many other accents and accessories that can present your individual fashion sense in a fresh and original way. Shop this look and more today.


Good Girls Go To Heaven , Bad Boys Go Everywhere

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Let’s be real , who doesn’t like a classic bad boy ? And Here in Los Angeles they aren’t hard to find . Where ghetto meets rich, our Spring / Summer ’14 pieces such as the ‘Rich Graffiti Jacket’, ‘Paris Big Tee’ & ‘Bad Boy’ snapback incorporate high end embellishments, but yet maintain an edgy bad boy image. Whether you’re thuggin in the streets or keepin it chic, this collection is available for purchase at both our Los Angeles flagship store and online boutique.


What’s a Queen to a Goddess ?

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Joyrich is proud to collaborate with New York-based artist Maripol, a French native who’s established herself as a pop culture / style innovator. From directing to styling and everything in between, Maripol has collaborated with some of the most supreme artists of our time.  Grace Jones, Debbie Harry (Blondie) & Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’ are a few styling ventures that garnered a powerful place in history. We Paired Maripol’s fearless photographs from her iconic career with the recognizable Joyrich all-over print aesthetic for this SS14 collaboration.   This collection is being produced exclusively for our flagship locations and online boutique.

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Concrete Jungle

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Los Angeles is like a virtual jungle it will swallow you up and spit you out, but conquer the city streets with these bold yet minimalist print, our Spring / Summer ’14 Zebra print crew neck is infused with a classic American 90′s silhouette, perfect for both day and night. Shop this look at more today.

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SS14 Joyrich The Simpsons Collaboration

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We’re happy to present our second collaboration with The Simpsons for our SS14 collection!  JOYRICH teamed together with Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation to combine street style and classic animation for another colorful and eye popping collaboration to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of The Simpsons.  The collection keeps our ‘casual-rich’ street aesthetic when combined with Bart Simpson graphics and 90’s hip hop style. The collection ranges from street inspired fits with Bart Simpson prints, and come in varsity jackets, over-sized tees, sweats, and accessories ranging from snap backs to fanny-paks.  The new SS14 JOYRICH Simpsons collaboration will be released worldwide in stores this January!

Keep an eye out for the collabo at a store near you, or purchase online at soon!

Check out the campaign photos and video below..

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